Why We Are Attracted To A Narcissist

Why We Are Attracted To A Narcissist

Dec 10, 2021

I cannot stress this enough. Parents are NOT to “blame.”

We are all just human and perfectly imperfect. We will make mistakes not because we’re bad people or bad parents but because we don’t even teach how to be a parent. How could anyone expect not to make mistakes when none of us have taken a single class. Therefore we can’t be blamed for doing something imperfect when we weren’t even aware it was imperfect.in this article we will look at Why We Are Attracted To A Narcissist?

I say this all the time. Tom Brady might be one of the greatest athletes that ever walked this planet. For nearly 40 years, he’s had experts walking around with him daily, teaching him how to play football. Yet every single day, he fumbles and throws incompletions and interceptions. In other words, he makes mistakes nonstop, and for that, we offer him forgiveness. We don’t judge him or think negatively of him. We still recognize his greatness. We accept ALL of him—both his perfection and his imperfection. We need to do that with our parents as well.

Yet, we can’t even entertain the idea that our parents might’ve made a mistake?

It is ludicrous to think our parents never made mistakes when they had no teaching or training. That belief is a complete disconnection from truth and reality. Those beliefs guarantee that pain is passed down.

It also places an absolutely unrealistic demand and expectation on ourselves to be perfect. That is so unfair. Unfortunately, we place that demand on ourselves because of our own childhood and what happened to us when we were “wrong.”  We all leave childhood with the need to feel perfect, or we wouldn’t get our parent’s love. That is the pain we haven’t healed, and our parents haven’t healed, their parents, and on and on and on.

That’s why we don’t want to talk about this topic or admit these truths? We’d have to face that feeling of imperfection, and we will do anything to avoid feeling imperfect, but that avoidance keeps us all trapped in pain narcissist, and then we become attracted to narcissist and pick a partner to relieve that pain. It is all our brain and body knows, so it feels like home.

Therefore, the solution is to face that feeling of imperfection and to sit down with our kids and say,

“I love you so much. Tell me how I was perfectly imperfect? I want to hear your pain. I want to hug you and hold you and let you know that I did the best I could with where I was at the time. If I had known better, I would’ve done better, but I’m so thankful that you’re willing to be open and vulnerable and share your heart and pain with me.
I love you for your vulnerability and your strength and courage to tell me how I was perfectly imperfect as your parent.”

In my book, that is parenting, that is love, and that is how we stop our attraction to toxic people.

Someone else may disagree and decide they have a different view of parenting. They get to have that view.

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