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Your Journey to Being Yourself Book

Introducing “Your Journey to Being Yourself” – my new book that’s as hard-hitting as it is transformative. This book will revolutionize the way you think about intellect and emotions. Get ready to reconnect with your authentic self.

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Reclaim Your Best Life

This journey to Emotional Authenticity is for those who have looked everywhere and are desperate for a solution. If you are in pursuit of a better life (and a better outlook on life), you may be ready.

Are you willing to challenge yourself, get uncomfortable and face hard truths so you can reach your potential? Do you have a purpose and know you are destined for more but feel lost on how to achieve it? Does it feel like you are stuck in a Worst Day Cycle but you hope for better days ahead?

Have you searched for answers but are still a prisoner to your pain and problems and are you desperate to go from powerless to powerful?

Instead of just holding on alone, let’s face it together because you are more powerful than you realize!

I will help you calm the chaos within, get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, improve your ability to navigate the difficult, uncover your truth beneath the pain, and find the freedom beyond the fear Because when you get answers, you feel lighter, see more clearly and find your best self within!

If you have read all of the books, been to all of the seminars, worked with coaches or counselors, and still feel that something is missing, you are in the right place right now. The reason you have not yet found relief is because those resources were wrong! The problem isn’t you; it’s what happened to you.

Here’s something you need to realize: You become what you feel, NOT what you think!

Put an end to the pain, hurt, confusion, and frustration. You can begin to find your way back to your authentic self right now. Don’t wait any longer! 


Start your Journey to Emotional Authenticity today!

What is the Emotional Authenticity Method?

This Journey to Emotional Authenticity will help you get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you will find answers to those questions you ask yourself (even those you’re afraid of) so you can honestly, authentically and logically process your emotions, elevate your life, and be your best.

How can the Emotional Authenticity Method help YOU?

Modern Neuroscience shows that nearly every thought we have starts with an emotion so if any part of our personal or professional life is not where we want it to be, the source is emotional and that means the solution is Emotional Authenticity.

In addition, we now know that emotions are learned responses to the environment and culture in which we were raised. This may sound crazy, but that means a life experience in your childhood actually created your emotional reaction at the moment. Therefore, our inability to like ourselves, feel empowered, avoid toxic relationships, pursue our passions, get unstuck, stop our self-sabotage, control our feelings and responses, and reach our potential all started in childhood.

We all must heal the pain from the past to operate in our authentic selves in the present moment and live our best life.

My Emotional Authenticity Method is for those who are sick and tired of not living to their potential.

If you are a truth-seeker fed up with the preponderance of people pushing you to medicate the symptoms instead of teaching you the solution to the source of the problem…

Are you hungry to live in The Greatest Version of Yourself and are willing to do the work to achieve it? If so, then the Emotional Authenticity Method is for you.

The Journey to Emotional Authenticity helps you calmly and successfully navigate the difficulties of life and is offered as comprehensive courses, in coaching opportunities, or in bite-sized pieces within Kenny’s Greatness University.


Kenny believes we must process our problems to overcome them and the best way to heal is to face our fears and uncover our hard truths. Kenny provides that space and the information necessary to master your life problems.

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Face your worst to be your best in these courses designed to take you on a self-guided journey to Emotional Authenticity. Uncover the truth under the hurt to reset and reclaim your best life.


Kenny’s unique approach cuts through the clutter and delivers actionable takeaways that ignite REAL change! When deep knowledge imparts smart solutions, it enlightens the student and saves time, energy, and angst.

Why should you embark on this journey?

Because you are a truth seeker. Sometimes when we look for answers to the hardest questions, our greatest fears are realized. Then when we learn the truth, communicated together with possible solutions, we often find an outcome better than we dared to dream.

You can let go of your Worst Day

By facing our fears, we often find our freedom. The Kenny Weiss Emotional Authenticity Method will rough you up but comfort you. Find answers (even those you’re afraid of) to the questions you ask yourself so you can better process your emotional problems and elevate your life. Your Journey to Emotional Authenticity Begins Here … It’s the secret to finding yourself the way you always imagined you could be.

About Kenny

Kenny Weiss is an advocate for truth and healing! He specializes in helping people heal from their emotional hurts, co-dependence and pain from the past so they can once again love themselves.

He is the author of Your Journey to Success and creator of a process known as The Worst Day Cycle. He is a leading personal development speaker, certified coach, and founder of The Greatness Movement and The Greatness University.

Kenny works with couples, families, and individuals. He helps successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes alike and his work has been shared in Psychology Today, Phoenix Magazine and Reader’s Digest, among other popular publications.

Kenny provides a space where you can have an open and honest exchange. He allows you to feel safe inside his small part of the world until you can feel safe within yourself.

Your journey starts now.

How would you like to begin?

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Stephanie Vega
Stephanie Vega
January 8, 2022.
Kenny, I want to express my gratitude for your wisdom and teaching. This program has truly changed my life. I have gained inner peace, empowerment, and self love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work that you are doing. You are making a massive impact on the lives of people that are looking for answers for themselves. I will continue to follow and learn from you. (I bought your book)
Kirsten Richardson
Kirsten Richardson
August 13, 2021.
Before meeting Kenny, I was truly stuck in my Worst Day Cycle. I used to let my thoughts, feelings, and worries completely consume me. While others saw me as a go-getter and someone who is extremely accomplished for my age, inside I was hurting and dealing with past trauma that prevented me from reaching my full potential. Kenny helped me get my power back by focusing on the things I can control. I learned how to really listen to my FEELINGS and respond in a way that was no longer detrimental to my mental health. I will always be so thankful for Kenny sharing the skills, tools, and knowledge I so desperately needed to overcome my trauma and to learn how to love myself again. As he once told me, “We’re always doing the best we can at any given time, and if we don’t know better, we can’t do better.”
Tomoko Wachi
Tomoko Wachi
August 10, 2021.
For as long as I can remember even as a child, I struggled with my anxiety and depression. I started to search for answers in my early 20’s. Now I am in my 50's, I had gathered much information. Despite my efforts and desire to be healed, l was deteriorating. After several trips to the emergency room, I began to seek counseling and coaching. During this time I came across several recordings of Kenny Weiss on Facebook. After reading his book, I decided to work with him. He coached me to see the pieces of the puzzle I was collecting; what they were, and the reasons why. He clearly pointed how and why I would put them together and which pieces do not belong in the mix. He reassured my hope - at the end, the picture will reflect my true self. He also reminded me not to forget to enjoy the journey, because this ride will be for the rest of my life. I am learning to grieve, forgive myself, forgive others that harmed me intentionally or unintentionally. I am learning to set healthy boundaries and to respect other's choices. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend Kenny to the people who are ready to get to the bottom of their life issues and start to live the life they are meant to live.
Gayle Angove
Gayle Angove
July 30, 2021.
I know I’m not alone in the fact I’d gone to several counselors prior to finding Kenny. My first “breakthrough” session with him, whoa! In a matter of minutes he helped me uncover some reality which was, I was COMPLETELY out of touch with reality, my feelings. HOW had he gotten me to this so quickly? Id been to all these counselors and they had never touched the surface of this stuff! He suggested I continue with therapy on the issues we’d uncovered and suggested maybe there was someone local I could see as we were on zoom due to being states apart. I knew financially it would be difficult to hire Kenny however, I also knew Id already spent hundreds on counselors and Id prefer to work with him, someone that could help. He agreed to work with me and I scheduled a package. Well, that was my very first session and I’ve just finished my package, what a life change!!! So worth the financial investment in myself. It is CRAZY how far I’ve come in 10 weeks! Kenny knows what he’s talking about and he genuinely cares, it’s obvious, it’s his passion. The way he gets you to get to the root of the issue and coaches your recovery…..can’t say enough positives. If you want to get to the root of the problem and fix it, I’d highly recommend being coached by Kenny, he is truly a gift.
Ay M
Ay M
May 26, 2021.
Thank you for your depth of knowledge regarding my issues. Your feedback was very on point and uplifting. We need more people like you in this world who get to the heart of the matter and find solutions.
Kayley Wadsworth
Kayley Wadsworth
April 26, 2021.
I have only been working with Kenny for a few months but in the short time that I have there has been significant transitions in my life! He has helped me navigate my emotions, relationships and guided me to self-acceptance. He has given me the knowledge and tools to get me out of my worst day cycle, to recognize my blind spots and inspired me to keep educating myself in all aspects of my life. Kenny is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable; I would recommend him to anyone that is willing to take the next steps to improving their lives!
Chandra Sutton
Chandra Sutton
April 8, 2021.
Kenny’s coaching is like therapy on steroids. I have been to so many different CBTs, talk therapists, hypnotherapists, etc, and his system doesn’t even compare. Instead of just talking about the issue at hand, Kenny will help you find the root of your feelings and situation to create true change. Of course he will listen to you too, but unlike others he will give you the tools to make lasting changes. When I first started with Kenny, I was in an extreme depression and contemplating suicide. Kenny was able to help me understand my thoughts, detach from them, and ask myself the hard questions to determine what I truly needed and wanted. Kenny has been life changing for me, and I know he will be for you too.
James J
James J
January 15, 2021.
I've listened to Kennys audio book twice now. This is one of the most profound books I have had the pleasure to learn from. Listen to what Kenny has to say and you will take a step back and it will alter your thought process. If you had said worst day cycle to me 2 weeks ago that wouldn't mean anything to me. Now it's a game changer!!
Michael Koster
Michael Koster
December 21, 2020.
I highly recommend Kenny Weiss as a life coach. Kenny’s approach and knowledge transcends where self-help books and professionals in the space have traditionally stopped. It’s powerful, honest, raw, and healing! You’ll never look at yourself (or how you approach your life) the same way again.