Heal The Hurt Podcast

Heal The Hurt is a weekly podcast where Kenny shares the knowledge, skills, and tools to love and accept your perfect imperfections so you can reclaim your authentic self through the process of Emotional Mastery.

In his podcast, Kenny leads by example, guiding you on your Journey to Emotional Mastery so you can be the voice for your hurt, even as he shares his own and his recovery from it. His experience and knowledge are gifts he bestows upon you for your own healing.

We are capable and we are strong and we can learn to like—and even love—ourselves. This podcast helps begin a journey to emotional freedom.

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This podcast helps you on your journey to Emotional Mastery.

Kenny guides differently from other coaches of emotional mastery. He not only helps you identify what caused your self-defeating behaviors and discover why you feel the way you do, he helps you learn how to heal your hurt and become the best version of you.

His own hurt drove his healing Journey to Emotional Mastery and he uses the method he developed to help you heal your hurts.

You can heal from your trauma, codependency, abuse or pain of the past and once again learn to love yourself by breaking the Worst Day Cycle.

Now is your time to heal your hurt.

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