Meet keynote speaker Kenny Weiss

Kenny is a coach, speaker, and author on the subject of mastering your emotions.

Keynote Speaker Kenny Weiss is an advocate for truth who specializes in helping people heal from their emotional hurts, codependency, and pain from the past so they can once again love themselves.

Audiences experiencing Kenny’s straightforward delivery and vulnerability on stage often comment on the similarities between their own emotional challenges and those Kenny has overcome (and admittedly is still working through) in his journey to Emotional Authenticity. After all, the journey is never-ending.

His unique Emotional Authenticity Method helps his clients get comfortable with being uncomfortable. They find answers to those questions they are asking themselves (even those we’re so often afraid of). The same is true for audiences. When Kenny takes the stage, people find themselves looking inward so they can heal to move onward.

His most recent speaking topic includes the introduction of his Worst Day Cycle and how to break free to embrace the good days ahead. It is just one of his most popular keynote speeches, listed below and Kenny is happy to customize your keynote within his areas of expertise for your group, conference, or event.

Seeing keynote speaker Kenny Weiss on stage often begins a journey of honesty and authenticity as we logically process our emotions so we can elevate our lives and be our best selves.

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Kenny’s Ready-Made Speaking Topics

The positive Side of
Saying NO

What is The Worst Day Cycle
Move from dark to light


From Fearful to Fearless
how to conquer fear


Kenny is a dynamic speaker known for his direct style. He is open about his own journey and often uses his own life and the lessons learned from it as examples of healing for his audience.

You can get a feel for Kenny’s style of delivery at his popular YouTube Channel.

Kenny works with couples, families, individuals, successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes. Kenny’s work has been shared in Psychology Today, Phoenix Magazine and Reader’s Digest among other popular publications.