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Kenny’s ultimate mission in life is to help people face the darkness they’re dealing with (or even wanting to avoid) and show them how to navigate through it with his one-of-a-kind Emotional Authenticity process.

His coaching style provides a space where you can have an open and honest exchange, allowing you to feel safe inside his small part of the world until you can feel safe within yourself.

With Kenny’s Emotional Authenticity Method you will:


From Experience to Emotional Authenticity

All this is possible because Kenny Weiss uses his Emotional Authenticity Method to help people heal from their trauma, codependency, abuse and the pain of their past so they can once again learn to love themselves. Kenny himself has seen the darkness. He has felt hopeless and now he helps you get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable so you can elevate your life and be your best.

Kenny’s childhood trauma, challenges with loving himself and others, and his own health issues have all been overcome by his own Journey to Emotional Authenticity and he uses this method to help you heal your hurts.

From Scottsdale to Malibu and Manhattan to Miami, Kenny works 1:1 and in small groups with people everywhere via virtual technology. He also offers a library of learning tools available wherever there is internet access. You can even start slowly with Kenny’s free resources.


What is Emotional Authenticity Coaching Like?

When inquisitive minds who honor individuality and vulnerability come together in a safe space and communicate openly, shame is not sustainable. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of but if we can logically process the emotions, they lose their power.

Embrace ALL of you: the perfect and the imperfect with no apologies so you can truly love yourself and live in your authentic self.

Courses and Master Classes

What do you want to work on first?

The Greatness University Private Group

The Greatness University Private Group for Emotional Authenticity

Would you like the knowledge, skills, tools, guidance, support, and a proven process to help you break your Worst Day Cycle? Do you want to heal and recover from a traumatic childhood, codependency, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, low self-love, addictions, or trauma?

Would you like to transform your toxic relationship patterns into loving, connected, intimate, safe, and healthy relationships?

Are you ready to live, love, and thrive alongside a group of like-minded perfectly imperfect people free from the fears of being judged or feeling inadequate?

If so, Kenny’s cost-effective group coaching option to embark on the Journey to Emotional Authenticity may be the right fit for you.

Journey to Emotional Authenticity Private 1:1 Coaching

Journey to Emotional Authenticity Private 1:1 Coaching

Are you willing to challenge yourself, get uncomfortable and face hard truths so you can reach your potential?

Do you have a purpose and know you are destined for more but feel lost on how to achieve it?

Have you searched for answers but are still a prisoner to your pain and problems? Are you desperate to go from powerless to powerful?

Instead of holding on, let’s face it together. You are more powerful than you realize!

Kenny will help you calm the chaos within, get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, improve your ability to navigate the difficult, uncover your truth beneath the pain, and find the freedom beyond the fear because when you get answers, you feel lighter, see more clearly, and find your best self within! Is it time for you to take the first step on your individual Journey to Emotional Authenticity?

Become Your Own Coach: Self-Guided Journeys to Emotional Authenticity

Self-Guided Journeys to Emotional Authenticity

Experience is the best teacher only when it allows you to pass on the lessons you have learned. When deep knowledge imparts smart solutions, it can enlighten the student and save time, energy, and angst, helping to relieve pain and begin the healing process.

From taking their lives back to growing their businesses and developing deeper relationships, Kenny’s clients have gained confidence in themselves and their decisions. Now, you can, too.

Your Journey to Emotional Authenticity Begins Here. It’s the secret to finding you.

The Best is Yet to Come

Sometimes when we look for answers to the hardest questions, our greatest fears are realized. Then, when we learn the truth, communicated together with possible solutions, we often find an outcome better than we dared to dream.

Your journey starts now. How would you like to begin?

Like all successful movements, for Kenny it’s far bigger than helping just one individual. It’s his hope to bring together people from all over the world who will pass this movement along to fundamentally change humanity for the better.

Kenny has helped countless individuals from all walks of life reclaim their authentic selves through his various programs, online videos and complimentary resources.

Free Crash Course in Emotional Authenticity

Emotional Authenticity begins with small steps. Here are some of the first you can take on your journey to Emotional Authenticity!

Kenny’s 6-Day Emotional Authenticity Crash Course makes it easy to begin. It comes to you each day for six days via your email inbox.

With this daily dose, you will learn to set up a consistent feelings-tracking practice designed to help you reach your ultimate goals and dreams through mastery of your emotions.

Are you ready to go within and create the life you love to live?

Healing Your Worst Day Cycle

You can let go of your Worst Day…

Our parents adored us but they are perfectly imperfect human beings. Although they meant well, they helped create a cycle of pain we may repeat for the rest of our lives, if left unhealed.

I call this process The Worst Day Cycle.

You can conquer The Worst Day Cycle by developing Emotional Authenticity and healing the pain from the past.

Your Journey to Success: The Book

This book is for those who have attended the seminars, worked with coaches or counselors, and still feel something is missing.

They were wrong! You become what you feel, not what you think. This book gives you the why—and how—behind everything.

Buy Your Journey to Success and begin your journey back to your authentic self today. Don’t wait. Put an end to the pain, hurt, confusion, and frustration now!

Pinny “pinnymusic” Ostreicher
Pinny “pinnymusic” Ostreicher
April 13, 2024.
I love your videos sir! Super insightful.
Amy McCollum
Amy McCollum
April 5, 2024.
I JUST started listening to some of your YouTube videos and Holy Moly!!! Back the Boat up!!! It was like Kenny was talking straight to me ( I know that sounds a little cliché) but I have been working with a guy who is difficult to work with and Kenny has been VERY helpful in opened my eyes to realize that I can set boundaries and recognize boundaries and that is ok 😊
Marcella Hudson
Marcella Hudson
March 18, 2024.
Information GOLD for true healing
Gabby Song
Gabby Song
January 26, 2024.
Life-Changing Emotional Authenticity Journey I recently had the privilege of working with Kenny in a coaching session, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. Kenny's insights and guidance were truly enlightening, providing me with a renewed sense of hope. The exercises he introduced went beyond mere techniques; they became a roadmap to personal growth. The process of Emotional Authenticity that Kenny led me through felt like graduating with a Doctorate in emotional intelligence. Kenny's expertise in Emotional Authenticity turned self-sabotaging emotional experiences into neutral ones, freeing up emotional space. Through this process, I was able to grieve and let go of past pain. The suppressed emotions made way for new, empowering emotional experiences that reshaped my brain based on positivity. This newfound emotional landscape empowers me to create safe, healthy, and loving relationships. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Kenny for significantly impacting my path to personal growth. His coaching has been invaluable, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking self-discovery and healing. Thank you, Kenny, for fostering a space for positive change. Gabby
Amanda Flowers
Amanda Flowers
January 23, 2024.
I have had 11 coaching sessions with Kenny. I have learned where my blind spots are and how to address them in a way that increases connection with those that I love. Kenny is open about his own vulnerabilities and what he has done to improve his own life. He is patient and caring.
Kevin Heideman
Kevin Heideman
January 21, 2024.
Kenny is very wise and empathetic, his willingness to be vulnerable and imperfect makes it very easy to relate to him. He’s a great coach and his guidance has been invaluable.

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