Your Journey to Being Yourself

I’m thrilled to introduce “Your Journey to Being Yourself” – my new book that’s as hard-hitting as it is transformative. This book will revolutionize the way you think about intellect and emotions. Get ready to reconnect with your authentic self. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. And you aren’t to blame for what you don’t know unless you choose not to know!

What you thought you knew about intellect, thoughts, and emotions isn’t real. This fairy tale, as told by the media and society, has played a major role in detaching you from your authentic self. This book will light the way. You’ll turn the proverbial corner to find that thoughts don’t govern feeling and contrary to the story you’ve been told, having the highest intellect requires that you embrace and express your emotions rather than suppress them.

Your feelings come first, and your intellect and words emerge from the emotions that follow.

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The Real Pandemic

I believe denial and self-deception have created the single most destructive pandemic on the planet today. There’s no other human process or event that has systematically destroyed more relationships, infected more governments, or ruined more people over countless generations without its existence being acknowledged and there have been few efforts to address it.

Denial has been the bane of society for centuries, and because it denies its own existence, few are aware of it, considering it, or talking about it. It’s a disease we all suffer from. Just consider, studies show that we all lie to ourselves, on average, between ten and two hundred times each day about little things, like:

  • Telling someone you’re fine when you’re in pain.
  • Telling someone you failed to text them because you were busy.
  • Telling someone part of a story but not the whole story.
  • Telling yourself, “This cookie won’t affect my diet.”
  • Telling yourself, “It’s only a couple of drinks.”
  • Telling yourself, “I can do that tomorrow.”
  • Telling yourself, “I deserve it” when you break your personal boundaries.
  • Telling yourself, “It wasn’t flirting. I was just being friendly.”

It’s a disease that requires everyone to take the vaccination if they want an authentic life. My goal with this book is to give you a vaccination that actually works and does not require any boosters.

This book will show you how to choose to change your questions to discover your truth and reclaim yourself if you choose to take the journey.

It’s time to challenge the fairy tale we’ve been told about intellect and emotions. Embrace your feelings and watch as your authentic self evolves.

Order your copy of “Your Journey to Being Yourself” and start your transformation today!

Join me in breaking free from the Worst Day Cycle and rediscovering our authentic selves through Emotional Authenticity. I can’t wait to share this life-changing journey with you!

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“Your Journey to Being Yourself” also includes a list of resources gathered just for you and accessible by links included in the book. Order your copy now!

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