What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback uses a reward system to retrain the brain in a subconscious manner for better function.

Many of us understand that our past traumas, habits, behaviors and thinking patterns have formed the regular neural pathways in our brains, much like we use the same route to get to familiar places (like work) when we are driving.

Those patterns can become problematic when they are unhealthy and it takes some work to re-route our thoughts and feelings. Because Kenny is passionate about the knowledge behind the why and how, he is offering this scientific information learned via his mentor, Mike Pinkston, on the subject.


Why is neurofeedback important?

Normal brain patterns are optimal for the central nervous system as factors like unresolved trauma, addiction, and chronic stress can create an imbalance of electrical activity within the brain. If you are ready to stop being held hostage by your own pain and are ready to heal from past abuse and trauma, you may be ready to explore new modalities of treatment. Book a call with Kenny to discuss neurofeedback and other treatments now.

You can read more at Kenny’s mentor’s website: theheartmatters.org


What Are The Benefits of Neurofeedback?

Transforming Tragedy: How neurofeedback achieves what medication and therapy cannot!

How To Pick The Right Neurofeedback Clinician

Heart Matters offers neurofeedback training using the best modalities available to make the experience easy for those who come under their care. They put patients at ease with the optimum environment for the brain to change. Offered at a good value for the investment, you can visit Heart Matters for more information or to set an appointment.

Kenny’s Mentor: Mike Pinkston

Kenny readily admits that his mentor, Mike Pinkston saw his natural gift: he understands the deep inner workings of people and has the ability to translate that into acts of service for others.

As a result, Kenny began his journey by leading several self-help groups and becoming a go-to accountability partner for many of Mike’s clients. That time played a significant role in Kenny’s future discoveries and one-of-a-kind insights.