Your Trauma Is Affecting Your Manifestations

Your Trauma Is Affecting Your Manifestations

Nov 24, 2021

The inability to manifest our dreams or activate the law of attraction is trauma. It’s always trauma. Specifically, childhood developmental trauma is in our way.

What research shows

The groundbreaking Adverse Childhood Experiences study shows that at least 70% of us have been through at least one traumatic event as a child. Of that 70%, 88% have been through two or more traumatic events. Famed cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, points out that 70% of all the messaging we receive in childhood is negative, self-sabotaging, and hurtful.

If you listen to the participants posing questions at an Abraham-Hicks or other teachers of the law of attraction event, you’ll find one common theme throughout pain. The way and type of questions posed shows that there’s always unresolved trauma in the person.

The barriers to the law of attraction

The whole premise and teaching method of the law of attraction is to feel what you want. Going back to the research of how the brain and body work under trauma, when we have a traumatic event, especially in childhood, it creates this massive chemical explosion within our body and becomes ‘known’ in our body. This “knowing” makes an emotional chemical addiction to repeat that painful experience.

Because it takes tremendous energy for our brain to work, the brain’s solution is to conserve energy by repeating things it has already done. It doesn’t care if it’s been bad for us – it doesn’t know right from wrong – it just defaults to the position that a known experience is a lot better than an unknown experience. So it’s always trying to avoid anything unknown and trying to repeat what it knows so it can rest.

Unfortunately, when we look at the Abraham-Hicks responses to questions that have so much pain behind them, trauma is never addressed, and that’s because if someone is not an expert in trauma, they won’t be able to recognize it as a barrier. The trauma that is underlying these people’s conditions is therefore left unresolved. That unresolved trauma keeps the audience member from creating the “feeling” that is required to manifest their dreams. Therefore, those unable to latch onto manifestation cannot do so because of their childhood traumas.

The key to manifesting what we want is the ability to have emotional mastery because no matter what somebody’s struggle is, whether that’s a career, relationship, or anything else, it all goes back to our emotions. Because of the way our brain and body works, it’s always a feeling before a thought. Therefore, thought-based programs aren’t the solution and will have minimal effect.

Now, where do we learn about our feelings? Where do we get our perceptions and learn how to make determinations about our feelings? From childhood. From our parents. So the bottom line is this: if something isn’t working in our life, it all goes back to our childhood, the traumas we experienced, and the feelings that became programmed, and we are stuck repeating against ourselves. The stored traumatic feelings are what get in the way, so the question becomes:

How do you turn it around?

  1. Become an expert in the ability to evaluate your own life. Understand how you are reliving your trauma against yourself. Because that’s what we’re doing, we’re subconsciously putting ourselves in situations that replay our traumatic experiences because of that desire our brain has to reuse information. So, we need to become aware. Most people will say that they never experienced childhood trauma, but that’s a lack of awareness. Trauma presents itself in different ways, and it’s essential to dive into what your personal trauma is.

An example of childhood trauma could be your parents mishandling finances or putting pressure on you to take on adult responsibilities at too young an age, or creating an experience of food insecurity. Of course, not all trauma is abusive. However, these traumas affect how you interact with related problems in the future – maybe you’re not good with money, struggle to maintain positive relationships, or have a poor understanding of food. Once you are aware of how these traumas affect your daily life, you’ll be able to start moving forward.

  1. Practice emotional mastery. When you understand your emotions, you’re better able to find solutions to moments where you feel off-balance. Maybe the solutions you usually go for won’t work, but how will you know unless you are indeed an expert in evaluating your life?

The law of attraction isn’t always about getting something. It’s about learning to gain emotional mastery so we can create. Suppose you can spend the time digging through your trauma and reprogramming your subconscious and learning to develop positive emotional responses to things. In that case, you’re not going to see things negatively anymore. Intuition and emotion are the keys to success in life.

It’s not all about manifestation and dreaming all day, though. It’s about putting in hard work to master your emotions, to understand your trauma, and to move forward. You’ll start to notice that once you do these things, positive things begin to come. That’s how you create the law of attraction. Your recovery is the ‘doing’ part of healing, but once you get there, it’s all about simply ‘being’.

Exercises that will help you succeed

Two free exercises are available to download under ‘Free Content’ on my website

The first is called “15 Steps to Remove Feeling Rejected’. This isn’t just about rejection; it goes deeper than that. Any time somebody says something or does something towards you, it might feel like a personal attack. What they say is one thing, but what you hear is another – you don’t have enough worth. It’s not what they are saying, but it’s how you perceive it. This is proof of childhood trauma. And this journey book will help you overcome that.

The second is called “10 Simple Steps to Heal Emotional Pain.” This one will walk you through the much deeper process of healing many of the traumatic moments you’ve been through.

You may need a professional like me to help guide you through your recovery, but these will allow you the opportunity to start on your own.

The most difficult and important step in manifesting the life you want is to take ownership that you have been through childhood trauma. Acknowledging that your parents were perfectly imperfect and left wounds in you does not mean that they were terrible parents, only that they are human. It is loving to ourselves and our parents to live in truth.

Enjoy The Journey 🕺🏼

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