How To Stop Stress | Step 1

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How To Stop Stress | Step 1

Jan 12, 2022

In today’s world, we are facing extremely high levels of stress. We experience it at work, school, and relationships. Not to mention we are living through a pandemic, have financial strains, and working through political issues. As a result, many of us may self-medicate to “check out” for a while. That is why I have created this special 5-part series to stop stress and how to conquer it.

In part 1, I will share some vital information that both the media and the medical community are hiding from you. Because of the misinformation, they are spreading, stress is increasing, and more importantly, you can’t experience the quiet, pleasant life you deserve.

Before I get started, a slight caveat, when I share this information, pay attention to your emotions. If you want to stop reading or feel you disagree, please keep reading! Because those feelings are most likely what is causing your stress you should stop strss. By continuing to read, you will discover the solution you have been looking for to lower your stress.

The single greatest way that the medical community and the media are depriving you of the ability to conquer and stop stress is they aren’t telling you what stress is and where it comes from. The stress response is activated when anything in our life becomes demanding or overwhelming. It could be our personal life, business life, relationships, parenting, etc.  When our perception of a life situation is overwhelming, it triggers our fight-or-flight response.

What is fight or flight?

Well, it’s an automatic physiological reaction that prepares our body to either fight or run away. So, the truth is, when we are ‘stressed,” we are all actually afraid. This leads to the second way the media and medical community are abandoning us. They have not informed us that we are scared because of previous life experiences, where we developed a negative emotional response to fundamental life challenges or perceived threats. When we experience a similar scenario to our past, it triggers that same emotional response.

Therefore, we are bringing the unhealed pain from the past and reliving it in the present moment.  That leads us to the final way we are misinformed; they are not telling you how to conquer stress. For centuries, we have downplayed the importance of emotions, especially in our medical communities. They still refuse to see our health as a by-product of biology, psychology, and social experiences. They ignore our life experiences and instead treat us like a car engine.

That works great when you have a broken arm, but when it comes to stress/fear, it is akin to a car being out of gas and our Doctor prescribing the spark plugs be changed. They won’t prescribe what we need because medical schools provide no training on trauma, or emotions which we now know play a significant role in all illnesses and diseases. Pills are not the solution. To conquer stress, we need Emotional Authenticity.

Emotional Authenticity:

1.) When we are stressed, we are in fear. It’s an emotional condition.

2.) It starts with emotional experiences endured earlier in life, namely childhood. However, those experiences have never been addressed, so they are brought into the current moment.

3.) The media and medical community deprive us of the real solutions. Because everywhere we look to find ways to deal with and stop stress, there are superficial remedies. None of the television shows, social media sites, or search engines reveal what I just talked about, the root cause.

The real solution is the need for Emotional Authenticity. First, we need to recognize that stress is fear and should stop stress. Then, we need to start calling it what it is – fear. We are afraid.

Remember earlier? I said you might feel the need to stop reading, and I asked you to read until the end. So what did you feel?  Anger, disinterest, skeptical, numb, blank, overwhelmed? Whatever feeling it was, this is your doorway into healing your stress. That is because whenever we see, touch, taste, smell, or hear new information, it automatically triggers the fear response in our brain. We can’t stop that process from happening. So let’s step through that doorway now by learning about the three levels of fear.

Fear is always one of three things:

1.) Fear of rejection.

2.) Fear of inadequacy – meaning we don’t think we have the skills, tools, or knowledge to do something.

3.) Fear of powerlessness.

Now, let’s think about all this new information. What emotion could cause us to want to stop reading? Well, maybe you’re thinking,

“I don’t have the skills, tools, or knowledge to trust this new information.”

This can cause fear of inadequacy. By recognizing that,

“I have never heard this from the media, my doctor, etc.”

Then there might be the thought of not knowing this about myself, or even worse, my Doctor doesn’t have all the training and expertise I thought they had?

“Gosh, I should have known this. If somebody found out I didn’t realize this, they might reject me.

Then, you can ask yourself, when was the first time I felt shame or embarrassment for not having the answer as a child? How was I rejected or shunned for not being perfect?

Now, if we feel inadequate and rejected, what does that make us feel? Powerless! Now look through your life and consider how the dynamics of rejection, inadequacy, and powerlessness are at play in nearly every life experience. Our doctors need to be providing us with this prescription, not pills.

Some of you might be thinking, “Oh my gosh, this resonates with me. What can I do about it?”

In this series, I will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to conquer stress. To start, I want you to think of this as an acronym. Whenever we are stressed, we are afraid, and it is always one of these three fears.

1-The Fear of Rejection

2-The Fear of Inadequacy

3-The Fear of Powerlessness.

R.I.P. Rest In Peace.

Through the rest of this series, I will break down each fear. Then I will give you solutions when any of those “fears” appear in your life. Having this process, the answer the media and medical community won’t give you will make it possible for you to navigate stress/fear and remove it from your life for good.

So, tune in, follow the series, and you will be able to put an end to stress finally!

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